iPhone versus Android, laptop versus desktop

The latest may be on the way, but it seems the latest figures show that Android phones are now outselling their rival by 2-1.

But is that the be-all and end-all?

ABC South West Victoria Mornings technology correspondent Scott Shrieke is in our studios each Tuesday morning to discuss all things technological; he begins this week by comparing laptop, desktop and tablet computers and what people might expect or demand from the different sizes and styles of screens and ways of engaging in the digital world.

What’s the difference? what are the problems?

As for phones – just why are Android phones outselling their fruity competitors, and what exactly is the difference between them?

And where is all this headed? Do we give away the idea of computres and start thinking about what we can plug our phones into?

Listen in for some of his other tips as well – how to get the app for a web browser that blocks Facebook from tracking you online and where to go when your computer has been hijacked by a virus or other malware; and finally, the results are in: what is the best web browser you can find to surf the web?

Scott is the IT guru for the Ballarat and South West Victoria Mornings program with Steve Martin each Tuesday morning after 10am. Connect with Scott and Steve with your questions, queries or comments on Facebook.