iPhone Universal Remote Control

There are many really cool add on accessories for the iPhone. ever since this amazing gadget was introduced to the public, there have been many manufacturers producing some very cool accessories for this mobile phone. Most consumers are well aware of the sweet iPhone speakers and many of the iPhone cases, but there are some very specialized accessories that add totally new functionality to the iPhone.

The newest iPhone accessory that has been shaking up the iPhone community is called the Red Eye. This device has actually been out for about a year and it has been growing in popularity. This simple plug and play device turns your iPhone into a totally customizable IR (Infrared) remote control. Once you plug the Red Eye into your iPhone and install the free app, you can use it to control your television, receiver, DVD player and any other device that uses a IR remote control.

The first generation Red Eye Remote Control for your iPhone plugged into the 32 pin connector on the bottom of the device. the newest Red Eye that is now called the Red Eye Mini, plugs into the headphone jack and is over half the size of old model. the latest Red Eye was released during the 2011 CES and it is already for sale on many popular websites and the price is less than $40. it now comes with its own case that fits on your keyring so you never loose it.

This cool gadget actually retails for around $50 but you can find it for a lot less if you know where to buy it online. there are so many cool iPhone accessories available, but there are none that give you the type of functionality and convenience offered by the RedEye Mini. there is no reason to have 5 remotes anymore, now you can house them all on your phone!

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