CECT A88 Accessories (Including Set Up and User’s Guides) – They Are Readily Available and Cheap

We’ve had a wide variety of accessories available for the original iClone for quite some time. Of course, best selling phones will dictate that an industry of accessories will follow.

As the popularity of the shake and tilt iPhone clones have greatly increased, so too have the accessories, instructions and user’s manuals for them. one such example is the CECT A88. This is a brisk selling model because it is sleek and streamlined, but full of features like: web browsing; email; texting; built in digital camera /webcam; Bluetooth; and an MP3/ MP4 player.

Like all of the Chinese iClones, this one is unlocked with a removable battery, freeing the consumer from network contracts or manufacturer service costs. but, what people really love about it is the shake and tilt feature, which allows you to advance media and music by shaking the phone (and also take the phone to wide screen by tilting it).

But, if there’s one place where folks hesitate on this phone, it’s that they are afraid to buy a Chinese import, fearing they will have difficulty reading the instructions or setting it up. I completely understand these concerns, but I can assure you they are unfounded.

CECT A88 Set up Guides (Internet, MMS, etc.) And User’s Instructions are Widely available in Most Languages for Most Networks: Anytime a product is popular and evolving, an industry is going to spring up around it, which is exactly what has happened here.

Not only are there instructions / manuals in almost any language, but there are set up / internet guides for nearly every carrier / network you can imagine, like AT&T, Altel, T Mobile, Cingular, and Vodafone, to name just a few. These come in PDF (e-book form), internet download, or printed and bound.

I find that in particular MMS setup is a concern. These guides cover this as well as specific settings and/or set up for all of the features and functions. No matter how tech savvy you are or aren’t, help is widely available and inexpensive.These guides are typically run from around $5 – $10.

Here are some other accessories currently available for the A88, as well as their typical price ranges. as you might expect, the accessories for this clone are very inexpensive. That’s because no big name manufacturers need to be reimbursed. like the clones, they are high quality knock offs:

A88 Cases And Skins: currently, classic black or clear cases in neutral textures like leather and silicone are the norm, but I would guess as demand grows, much more variety will become available. the cases are generally in the $5 range.

Memory / Sim Cards: the 88 is dual sim (although you don’t have to use both slots) so you may need an additional sim card. the memory is also expandable and you can easily add more for around $10.

Replacement Batteries: one thing that has really moved these phones is that consumers love not being chained to the manufacturer when the battery dies. you can change this one yourself and it’s always good to have a spare, even though these phones are very efficient and run forever on one battery. the batteries usually run under $5.

Data Cable: You can easily connect and sync the phone to your computer via data cable. Most times, these will be included with the phone purchase, but if you need one, they’re only a few dollars.

Bluetooth / Stereo Head Sets / Earphones: here is one place where you can upgrade if you need to. there are some hands free units for under $10, but there are also some very nice, high quality models that go for more. since the iClones are known for their sharp, crisp sound, it seems a shame to skimp on the headphones.

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