iPhone Solar Car Charger – Why Everyone Needs One

So you finally got one of the most coveted pieces of tech this century has to offer. The iPhone has become the icon of the tech savvy, and with this status it has inspired a generation to create apps, accessories, and an entire culture around it.

If you are a power user of your iPhone, you will come to realize that you can burn through battery power in no time at all. One of the more useful accessory that have come to light in four generations of the iPhone, is solar car charges.

Now, you may be tempted to think that if you’re going to invest in a car charger, why make it a solar one? there are already so many car chargers out there that you simply plug into the cigarette lighter and you have battery juice on tap. well you’re absolutely right. they have been around since the Nokia 3310 was the height of cellular sophistication.

With a little imagination you will begin to see how this might be not be the answer you were pinning your hopes on. Unless you are in your car for a considerable portion of the day, every day, you won’t be raking up as many chargeable minutes as would be necessary to keep your iPhone juiced to an acceptable level… If anything, you will just be stalling the inevitable beeping before your iPhone screen fades into black and your battery dies on you.

A Solar car charger works by converting solar energy generated by the sun, into electrical energy that is used to charge the battery inside your iPhone. The sunlight is collected on the black surface of the solar panel. This panel usually has a large surface area to maximize the amount of sunlight that it will come into contact with.

The panel is usually fitted high up on the windscreen on the passenger side of the car so that it will not affect the visibility of the driver. An extension cable will extend from the solar panel to a cradle or connection jack that you fit to the bottom of your iPhone. As soon as there is a sufficient amount of sunlight shining on the panel, your iPhone will show that it has begun charging.

Now all that you need to do is turn up the volume of your stereo and relax into drive mode while mother nature does all the hard work, keeping your iPhone juiced.

Now comes the best bit. once you reach your destination you can take the solar charging unit with you to the office, coffee shop, beach or home, and set it up wherever you can find a patch a sunlight and continue charging your iPhone.

Solar car chargers are as a general rule, lightweight and compact so that they can fit in hand bag, carry cases and laptop bag. As a bonus, you get to look like a hero of Mother Nature when you casually mention at parties, that you too have invested in renewable energy.

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