iPhone app reviews: Rumba

After using the Tango Lesson app for the iPhone, I decided that the other dance apps from the same developer would be next in my download list. I downloaded Rumba, a free app from the Ballroom Dance Channel. Since I enjoyed the Tango Lesson app so much, I thought that this would be another good choice.

Fortunately, Rumba’s interface and quality is so similar to Tango Lesson’s that I am not disappointed in the very least. For people who are expecting full rumba lessons, Rumba is not the right app. First of all, this is only a “freebie” app that shows some basic moves. The instructions video is less than 3 minutes long, but I was surprised at how comprehensive the lesson actually was. Even though I did not learn all of the rumba moves that I’d need to be on “Dancing with the Stars,” I did learn enough to impress my friends and family the next time we’re on the dance floor.

The instructions were also clear and easy to follow, just as they were with Tango Lesson. The app slows down at some points and shows the user each partner’s part separately. This way, the user can figure out which part relates to him or her and then try to practice it either alone or with another person. The app encourages the user to pretend that his or her iPhone is a partner, but I learned the steps much more easily by actually dancing with another person. It’s important to know how the other person’s feet are going to move, and dancing with another person will help you learn that.

The video was also high quality. It was not fuzzy at all. I did not have to squint or go back repeatedly to some sections because I couldn’t see what the couple was doing. I like that there are two separate videos: one for teaching and the other as an example of how to do the rumba. Anyone who wants to learn some rumba steps will want to try this free app.

With all of that in mind, I would highly recommend Rumba. This is a great app that has taught me some basic rumba dancing moves that I can now practice and perfect. I will certainly be trying all of the other Ballroom Dance Channel apps because they are free and they are pretty comprehensive for the price.