iPhone app reviews: Kicksend

A number of file sharing applications have become popular, especially in conjunction with the iPhone. If one wanted to share his most cherished memories with the world, Instagram would be the tool for him. However, since most people prefer to share these special moments with a select few, competitors arose to fill the void that gaped so widely in the app market. 

KickSend was founded by Pradeep Elankumaran and Brendan Lim,and was meant to make the sharing of files across various devices much easier.

The number of photos taken these days has skyrocketed , and there is always need to share these photos with loved ones,near and far. People need an app, that allows them to send a load of high-resolution pictures to the ones who matter. KickSend caters to this need by providing an interface for sharing and receiving up to 1GB a month with the free accounts allowing an additional 750MB of storage to users who invite their friends as well.

The features of KickSend that many find most captivating is the ease of use and the rich user experience.Similar to DropBox,KickSend has an interface that makes sharing files a simple three step procedure. Mark the files to be shared, enter the e-mail address of the person and before you know it, your loved one miles away is now sharing of your experiences. Apart from the user experience , what makes it all the more popular is the fact that files can even be shared with someone who does not have a KickSend account. The email is received by them which directs them to the link where they can view the files. It is this hassle free service which has drawn the crowds to appreciate it’s simplicity.

So,this is great-sending and receiving pictures hassle-free! Wouldn’t it be great if you could get those pictures across to someone,say your grandmother, who isn’t really tech-savvy? As if to outdo itself KickSend announced the latest update to the app, which extends a hand to retail integration called “Print to Family” that lets you print high-resolution photos at your nearest Walgreens,CVS or target stores and have them delivered to you in about an hour. If the photos are to be delivered elsewhere, you could have them printed at the nearest store in that location and delivered hassle-free. No more visits to the printing store with a USB-drive in hand, no more bothersome uploading of pictures on the Walgreens website. It sure does make the delivering of high quality photographs as simple as the click of a button.

What’s more is that you can choose the size of the photos and have them printed according to your specifications,without more than a few strokes of your touch-screen. Also,photos can be edited, and then sent for printing, which is beneficial,especially for Instagram users.

The app,on the whole,is appreciated for being a convenient way to communicate high quality photos with loved ones.It is free and can be downloaded here. The prices vary and depend on the size of the pictures being printed.

The only criticism it receives is not having an in-app features for sending the photographs to lists of people at once.

All in all, the app has been well received and it makes people look forward to more such conveniences.

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