iPhone Accessories – Headphones, iPhone Car Kits and Chargers

iPhone Accessories Include iPhone Headphones – robert nelsonThere are a range of iPhone accessories currently available, including headphones, iPhone car kits and iPhone chargers.

While those who have iPod accessories will also be able to use these with the iPhone, it is usually best to check on the accessory label, to ensure that new items are compatible. three common iPhone accessories worth getting hold of, include headphones, iPhone car kits and iPhone chargers.

iPhone Accessories – Headphones and Car Kits

Although the iPhone does come with a set of headphones, which are practical for use as a headset when making calls, it is worthwhile purchasing another set for listening to music. as identified by Chen & Pash (2008), in How to do Everything with Your iPhone, headphones from companies such as Shure (to be used with Shure iPhone adapter) and V-Moda are likely to offer the highest quality, in terms of audio, out of the iPhone. The latter provide a model specifically designed for the iPhone’s recessed headset jack, which is known as the V-Moda Vibe Duo Control. If one wishes to use headphones from another gadget, then it may be necessary to purchase a headphone adapter.

iPhone headphone adapters are available from Shure and Belkin, with the former also including a microphone. Chen & Pash (2008) recommend the Shure adaptor because it allows one to use any headphones for making calls as well. another handy piece of kit for the iPhone is a car kit, which lets one charge the iPhone in the car and listen to music through the car radio. The car kit will also allow users to connect the iPhone up to the car stereo system.

iPhone Accessories – Mobile Chargers

In addition to using a computer to charge the iPhone, it may also be charged through using the Apple AC adapter charger, which comes with the phone. as explained by Chen & Pash (2008), there are two mobile chargers which may be used with the iPhone; the first is a cigarette adapter charger and the second is a mobile battery pack. while the cigarette adapter charger allows one to use the iPod in the iPhone in the car, the mobile battery pack can be used to increase the iPhone’s battery life.

For those travelling long distances on public transport for work, the iPhone mobile battery pack is an ideal accessory, to ensure that one is able to use the device without the worry of not having enough power.

As highlighted above, there are several different iPhone accessories available, including headphones, car kits and mobile chargers. In particular, those who travel to work by car will benefit from the special iPhone car kit and cigarette adaptor charger.

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