iPhone 5 Unlock Advantages

With the news of the soon to be released iPhone 5, many are wondering about the unlock service for the phone. while the phone is by far the most advanced hand held device created to date so far, many of the built in features are being overlooked. among these are the ability to make free phone calls, connect to WI-Fi hot spots, view online stores for applications, and the ability to customize its buttons, backgrounds and screensavers.

With the iPhone 5 unlock service, your new iPhone has the ability to make free phone calls over the Internet, or through VoIP. while many state that this is nothing compared to the built in video call function, they are mistaken, as VoIP has the same built in function, it simply doesn’t cost a monthly premium. When you unlock your phone you have the ability to continue to use Google’s video chat option, or to use Skype and other such services, most of which are free, if not cheaper than your monthly service plan through your service provider. The VoIP function is conducted strictly over the Internet, through the built in WI-Fi capability of the iPhone.

When you unlock your new iPhone, you are also gaining access to a more versatile source of online applications, or apps. Since programmers who provide open source software (free software) prefer fame or recognition of their programming knowledge and abilities instead of money, they are constantly attempting to make improvements to their software, unlike the creators of proprietary software, or sources that charge money for apps such as the iStore.

But perhaps the best advantage of the iPhone 5 unlock service is the ability to customize every detail of your phone. The background, the pictures that represent the different keys, and the voice commands new ability to learn new functions are by far worth looking in to. You can teach your phone how to enter in web addresses through your voice, accept addresses and enter them automatically into a GPS program, and even to turn on your computer at home through remote desktop. The possibilities of this new phone are limitless, once you unlock it. And who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

In conclusion, the iPhone 5 unlock service is not just a recommended option or upgrade, it is a must have for anyone who considers themselves a pioneer of technology, a supporter for open source software, or a business owner competing in a constantly changing market.

Once again, there are no disadvantages to getting your iPhone Unlocked, only a huge array of features and apps to get to grips with!

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