Dexim Dual iPhone/iPod Dock Charger Review

The Dexim Dual Dock Charger which supports every iPhone, iPod touch and nearly every iPod is boasting the facility to charge two of these devices at once.

The dock looks as if two single iPod dock chargers have been merged together. The exterior material is plastic which is in black (also available in white) and where the devices sit and charge the plastic is semi translucent blue which also runs all the way around the near bottom of the charger. This is in place because when a device is inserted and charging the translucent parts lights up in blue. This looks very cool indeed but it can also be turned off using a switch on the right hand side. The overall design is good, the corners are rounded off nicely and it looks good on my desk with the lights on or off.

The real worry I had with the Dexim Dual Dock Charger was that it weighs so very little. I’d say it weighs halve as much as my official Apple iPod and iPhone Dock. This made me think that it would slip around easily but of course once an iPhone or iPod is inside, the grip that’s on the bottom of the charging unit is very effective. so in the end that was a false worry. If your worried about whether or not you can use your official Apple dock inserts I can reinsure you that you can and Dexim also supply nine within he box for various devices including all iPhones and iPod touch’s.

Charge times are identical to if I was charging on my single Apple official iPod/ iPhone dock. For a full charge I’d give it two hours but this very much depends on your device. a real downside to the Dexim Dual Dock Charger would be the lack of USB charging, I love to charge my iPhone on my desk using a dock plugged into my iMac via USB. but with the Dexim Dual Dock Charger you can only charge via a DC wall outlet which I am currently doing while it rests on my desk but it’s a real pain.

Where I could imagine this to come in very very handy would be with a family who might need two devices charged overnight ect. many situations could arise where maybe you are on holiday but only take the one charger with you and agree to charge each device half way because of time. Things like this do happen and a product like the Dexim Dual Dock Charger extinguishes them.

Overall the design of the Dexim Dual Dock Charger with the blue lights really made it very unique and cool. of course the most unique thing about this product really would be the ability to charge two devices simultaneously a feature I can see coming in very handy and being very useful. The included nine dock inserts are very kind also. This is a product that’s does what it says, the only real negative I can find would be the lack of USB charging.

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