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You may remember Backbreaker, the iOS football arcade game series by developers NaturalMotion. That same company has now used its proprietary physics engine to put together a game called Icebreaker Hockey, which obviously takes on the sport that’s popular with our Canadian friends in the north.Just like Backbreaker, the game isn’t a straight hockey title, but rather plays like a concentrated version of hockey, with you controlling a player skating straight for the goal and having to juke around defenders and get your shot in when you can. It’s fun stuff, especially if you’re not too concerned about realism.There are a few different modes to play with, and full Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements. The weather’s heating up outside, so the ice rink may seem like a thing of the past these days, but you can still get your skate on with this one. Icebreaker Hockey is just US$0.99 on the App Store right now.

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