iPhone 4 Cases – Protection at Its Best

iPhone Protection at Its Best

With the vast amount of cases and devices for protecting your iPhone it’s no wonder some people are suffering headaches when shopping around but it needn’t be. That’s why we created this little list of our top recommended peripherals for protecting your iPhone.

iSkin Solo FX Jelly Case

The iSkin Solo FX Jelly Case has grown into its second generation and has evolved with the iPhone. They’ve enhanced the front bumpers for extra shock absorbency for that added protection against, scratches and scrapes and the all time ending iPhone screen shatter. popular among most iPhone users for many reasons but enhanced only by its sheik design and five great colours this is definitely one worth a look.

If it’s more about design for you and less about protection you should check out the Scosche beefKase. Highly durables yet very fashionable, this leather case combines both luxury and endurance.

Are you a person that like to take your iPhone on all of your adventures? If so, you are going to need a case that can protect your phone in adventurous situations. The Griffin Survivor is a rugged case that will protect your device at all costs, even if it fall down the side of a mountain. this case is only intended for those that put their phone through anything and everything

Incipio Bombproof Case

The Incipio Bombproof Case is definitely for the butter fingers out there. Inspired in design by a grenade, this case is not only sturdy and durable but gives your iPhone extra protection with its high density silicone rubber. And for those who want to go green, this case is made of 20% recycled materials, all coming from other Incipio cases. Did we mention it comes in a colour known as stealth.

Honourable mentions go out to the iFrogz Luxe Lean Case, one of the top rated hard shell cases available.

Lost Dog Slim is a genuine leather case by BlueTrek and is for the more fashionable among us, ranked among the best leather cases due to its premium leather and the fact that it’s handmade.

For those with design in mind and when protections a plus you should look out for what fits you best. ask retailers if you can you try the case out, chances are if you buy it on a whim you may not like it when you fit your iPhone into it. Safety may be your concern but functionality doesn’t always come into play with a case.