Top 5 Accessories For iPhone You Must Not Miss

An iPhone is a multi-functional device that many people need and use today. it does not only perform the function of a typical cell phone, it is also a camera, a photo album, an iPod, a messaging device, a digital compass, a GPRS, an ebook reader, a device for video conferencing, etc. Contributed by thousands of iPhone applications, the use of iPhone is unlimited. Some people just use their iPhone to surf the web everyday.

Being a such powerful and amazing device, what are the best accessories that we need for the iPhone? Which iPhone accessories are really worth the money? We are going to discuss the iPhone accessories that you must not miss in this article.

Hands Free Viewing Stand
Simple is beautiful, this definitely applies to the Hands Free Viewing Stand. many people regard this as the best accessory for the iPhone. it is not expensive, it is not come with high technology, but it is really the favorite accessory to many people. Your iPhone can fit into the stand in either a portrait or landscape position. You can put it on anywhere you like, then go to make hands free call, watch your video, and play with your iPhone apps in comfort. Never again need to bend over to watch the screen leading to a sore neck, or keep holding your phone getting your arm tired. it is cool, cheap, simple and so useful.

OtterBox Impact iPhone Case
Reviews of being the number one iPhone case has been given for the OtterBox Impact because of its protective textured silicone coating and secure fit over the iPhone device. Silicone is actually the key to the success of the case. The material is extremely lightweight by nature so can avoid increasing the phone weight, it is 100% free for sound to pass through so phone conversations remain crystal clear even with the case. Moreover, screens and all buttons can be easy to utilize and access. This iPhone case comes with a screen protector that applies easily without any bubbles or pockets appearing when it has been applied.

Sports Armband
It could be extremely inconvenient to hold your iPhone when you are running or doing other kinds of sport. A sports armband provide you the best solution here. You place the iPhone into the armband, put your ear buds in then fix the band around your arm. The sports armband is designed in such a way that you can still access the touch screen to select playlists or change the volume. another amazing feature is the little ear buds pocket, no more misplaced or lost ear buds will happen after you got one.

Bluetooth Headset
If you want to eliminate noisy background, enjoy crystal clear phone calls and to talk without annoying static, then you should choose a good bluetooth headset with advanced noise shield feature. With a good headset you can get rid of any irritating sound to fully enjoy your conversation. Jawbone Bluetooth Headset is one of such kind of advanced headsets with excellent reviews being generated. Its stylish design help you to look smart and cool when you are wearing it.

Mini Battery for iPhone

Always going out with a mini battery give protection and additional talk time to you. A mini battery is critical in case for the accident of your main battery dies. it is not unbelievable that a dying battery often happens at the most inappropriate moment. If you have an extra battery on hand, it helps you to finish whatever you are working on. Please be reminded that the key note here is mini, do not carry with an extra iPhone battery because of its expensive cost. As alternative, the mini battery from Kensington is a good choice because of its small size and relative low cost.

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