IMDb Buzz – Daily Entertainment News on your iPhone

the IMDb website already houses most of the information about today’s entertainment scene, why not develop an app that offers celebrity gossip junkies a way to get their “buzz” instantly on their smartphone (the celebrity gossip junkie bit may have been a little harsh).

In addition to searching IMDb for movie, TV and celebrity info, the IMDb Buzz app for iPhone pulls info from the IMDb’s NewsDesk partners and easily visit their websites. Add it all up, and you get up-to-the-minute latest movie, tv, and celebrity news straight to your iPhone.

“With IMDb Buzz, our users can access breaking entertainment news from our extensive roster of top tier NewsDesk partners including Access Hollywood, indieWire and the Wrap, while following their favorite celebrities, TV shows, films and news sources in a customized newsfeed – all from the convenience of their iPhone,” said Kintan Brahmbhatt, head of mobile for IMDb.

For a more personalized experience, you can:

– Follow your favorite celebs, movies, TV shows and news sources to customize the app- Rank your news feed to get the information you want first- Share your favorite stories, celebs, titles and images easily via Facebook, Twitter, email and text message

I mean, you already check the IMDb website for all your “what’s the guy’s name that played in that movie with the lady that played in that other movie?” info, why not check out the IMBd Buzz app for iPhone that lets you stalk be informed on what you favorite actor is in to as well…

Check out the IMDb apps website for more info about the IMDb Buzz app and other apps.