How to use Jailbreak Me to unlock any iPhone running iOS 4

Although it has been possible to jail break the apple iPhone for quite some time it has not always been easy. That has changed in the last months. There has been an exception made to the digital millennium copyright act which makes jail breaking a phone legal and a site has appeared which makes it not only possible for you to do so but almost too easy.

If you want to use jailbreak me to jail break your iPhone, or iPod touch the first thing you need to do is get your phone out. Open up a browser, it should not matter which one and go to the website Once at that site you will see a screen which says slide to jailbreak and a typical slide bar at the bottom.

Simply slide that bar across the bottom of your phone and a message pops up that says that it is jail breaking your iPhone and you should not turn it off. Wait five minutes and your phone will start back up and look exactly as it did before except that it will have a new app, cydia. This is an app that apple does not allow on its phone and is proof that the iPhone, or other iDevice has been jail broken.

There are a couple of small things you will want to keep in mind. The first of these is that if you want your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to remain jail broken you need to choose to not update your device. This is because when apple updates the phone it will unjailbreak your phone. This won’t hurt anything but it will force you to go through this process again, assuming they have found a way to jailbreak the newest version of the OS.

If you want to ensure that you have the ability to return to a jailbroken phone in the future then you will want to go into cydia and choose “make your life easier”. This will allow you to restore your phone to this the latest upgrade of the iOS when you choose that option. This means that you can return to this condition just like you could do a factory restore on your iPhone.

Once you have jailbroken your phone there are a great number of new things you can do, simply explore Cydia and you should find many new options which will make your phone even better than it was.

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