How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Phone To My Computer

Your first question might actually be, why would I want to connect my bluetooth phone to my computer? it is a great way to transfer photos, mp3’s and other files from your mobile phone to your computer without the purchase of cables that only work with one phone or expensive software for a specific phone.

How do I connect my bluetooth phone with my computer? First you need to turn your phones visibility on. most phones you do this by going into the menu, settings and they should be an option for “connections.” Bluetooth will or should be under your connects, like I said this is for most phones. You need to first make sure your bluetooth is turned on. next you need to turn on your bluetooth’s visability.

As far as your computer goes. You either need a laptop/tower with bluetooth build in or a bluetooth USB adapter. You can generally get a bluetooth USB adapter for less than $30, and these are very useful and can be used with multiple phones, which is great about bluetooth.

After you have your bluetooth USB installed on your computer, then you need to sync them together. The easiest way that I have found to do this is to do it from the phone. Under your bluetooth settings under your phone, they should be an option to search for new devices or to pair it. Once your perform the search it should find your computer. Select to pair it with your computer. it will ask you for the passcode on the phone it should be “0000” that is four zeros. You should get a pop up from the system tray on a windows machine asking if you want to pair your bluetooth with this device. You need to tell it yes and it will ass for the passcode, which again is four zeros “0000.” You should then be ready to use your bluetooth enabled phone with your computer.

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