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Just in time for the summer! if you’re the type that likes to hit up the mountain trails with your bike, but you have come to rely on your smartphone for everything from mobile music to GPS navigation, then this new product from Bracketron could be a good fit. Literally.

Called the All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount, it is a mobile device mount that’ll accept not only your iPhone, but also a variety of MP3 players, smartphones, and other similarly-sized electronics. they say that they are targeting both recreational and competitive cyclists. Basically, you can mount your mobile device to your handlebars while still being able to use the touchscreen behind the clear protector. And yes, the whole shi-bang is weather resistant, in case you happen to get caught in a shower.

No tools are needed, since this’ll mount with an adjustable C-clamp. That should fit most handlebars with its three latch levels. I’m not much of a cyclist, especially when it comes to mountain trails, but I might break out the bike for some city rides this summer. this would certainly come in handy for that. Find the All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount now for $39.95 through Bracketron.com. It’ll hit REI retail stores next month too.

Bracketron Launches All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount

Weatherproof mount makes it quick and easy to position your smartphone, MP3 player or other mobile device on your bike handlebars

Minneapolis, MN – June 22, 2011– Bracketron, the leading manufacturer in mounting solutions for mobile consumer electronics, announces the launch of the All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount, the ultimate mobile device mount for recreational and competitive cyclists. the All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount conveniently positions your mobile device on your bicycle handlebars so you can easily monitor your speed and trip data with your device’s GPS or other cycling apps. the detachable weather-resistant case offers great protection and has a clear screen that allows you to use your device’s touchscreen functions while in the case. the All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount is available now for $39.95 at Bracketron.com and at REI retail stores in July.

“The All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount is part of a new line of sports and recreation accessories from Bracketron that offers true flexibility and functionality,” said mark Mandel, Executive Vice President of Bracketron. “While our in-car mounts remain hugely popular, we’re excited to continue to expand our offering of mobile mounts and accessories to cater to active consumers who use their smartphones and mobile devices to help track and achieve their fitness goals.”

The All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount is the ideal solution to quickly, easily and securely mount your mobile device on your bike handlebars. the mount does not require tools and sets up in just seconds. it features an adjustable C-clamp with three latch levels that ensure the mount’s tight grip to the bike handlebars. the mount is height adjustable and includes a ball swivel adjustment feature that makes it easy to position your device for optimal viewing. A weather-resistant case snaps onto the mount with a safety lock and can be quickly detached for security purposes when not in use. In addition, water resistant zippers form a tight seal to protect your gadget from the elements. the case includes four protective foam inserts that provide a snug fit for your mobile device when inside, and a clear screen allows you to use your device’s touchscreen while it is in the case. the All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount is compatible with most handheld mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, Smartphones and MP3 players.

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