Griffin iTrip DualConnect for iPod, iPhone and iPad Touch

How many times have you been channel surfing on the radio in your car, only to be disappointed in the music being played? What about the times when you just want to hear some music and all you can find are radio talk shows or ads?

Thanks to more great Apple technology, that experience is a thing of the past. You can now play your iPod, iPhone or iPad Touch through your car radio and listen to all your favorite songs playing back in stereo quality with no interruptions.

The iTrip will automatically locate the best FM frequency to use, so you can be assured of finding the best quality frequency on which to play your tunes. And because we like to multi-task, your device can be charging at the same time you are listening to your music. that way when you reach your destination, you will be all charged up and ready to go.

You can play music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch through your car stereo by using the auxiliary audio port (AUX jack) to send music wirelessly to the FM frequency via iTrip for truly excellent sound quality. You also have the option of using iTrip to connect your device right to your car stereo.

The iTrip charger plug has illuminated play-pause-forward-backward controls which you can operate by touch to keep driving safe. This way you are not distracted by fiddling around with and trying to find controls while trying to drive at the same time.

This accessory takes all the work out of playing the music on your device through your car stereo. It picks the best frequency, you tune in to the station as indicated, SmartScan sets a preset so you can easily save the best frequency for the next use and you can do all of this by pushing one on-screen button. In the meantime, your device is charging without you having to do anything.

You can listen to your music during long road trips or when there is nothing decent playing on the radio. the clarity and sound quality are excellent and it works with all of your devices. This is a great product with all of it’s time-saving benefits. Once you set it up, you will instantly love the performance of your car’s stereo.