Gevey Ultra S

If you are the owner of a GSM iPhone you may have noticed some issues with trying to unlock certain features. Gevey Ultra s helps unlock the handset on iPhone 4s. It is worth notin that this is only available on the CDMA model. It literally helps to jailbreak the handset on these kinds of phones.

Also this SIM interposer does require you to dial 112 which is not legal in some countries, so you will need to check this out before doing so. Your iPhone will need to meet specific requirements for the SIM interposer to work and they are as follows:

It has to be one of these base bands: 1.0.11,1.0.13 and 1.0.14

It has to be jailbroken as well

The phone also has to be on an iOS firmware

Some products such as Gevey can be a bit sketchy and even some of them have been illegal, so everything has to be perfect and the makers have to be careful as well. The Gevey Ultra S has more features than any interposer of its kind including:

It works with a broad spectrum of basebands

It has a 3 volt standard chipset which saves battery power as well

It also has enhanced signal strength for the best in many voice functions

Gevey is pre programmed for Verizon phones

It is also so convenient that there won’t be any need for you to hook your phone up to a computer for the jailbreak. The single turbo SIM learns your network so that it is compatible with all 4S SIM cards. The Gevey is truly as great as it claims to be and is a true plug-n-play with an incredible unlock feature. It does what other interposers of its kind only dream they could do.

It literally resides between your card and your base band hardware. You will be able to use your phone on all GSM networks across the world. They have incorporated the best that innovative technology has to offer to bring you an interposer that stands out among the rest.

The Gevey Ultra S is also very reasonably priced and will only cost you around 50 dollars. It is worth it to be able to inlock the functions that you desire on your iPhone. Check online today and you can find many positive reviews and a lot of great information about the Gevey Ultra S. In the fickle world of technology it truly is an innovation a step ahead of the rest.