Dictate Notes and Record Interviews with These iPhone Applications

Want to turn your iPhone into a digital recorder that you can use when interviewing people or perhaps even when recording a speech of your own? Check out these iPhone dictaphone apps to find out which one best suits your needs.



iDictaphone from popular iPhone app developer Chilingo is a very useful iPhone dictaphone app that lets you turn your iPhone into an an advanced digital recorder. It allows you to record your thoughts, notes, lectures, interviews and more. The app also provides you with an easy to use menu for organizing your digital recordings. Other features of the iDictaphone iPhone app include – high quality CAF recording at 44.1kHz, ability to navigate digital recordings and playback easily, recording library management, Wi-Fi download of recordings and record/pause/unpause/stop and playback functionality. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

Dual Voice Dictaphone Recorder


Here’s another great iPhone dictaphone app. What makes this app interesting is the fact that it allows you to record your notes in manual mode or auto mode and it detects your voice which triggers it to start recording.You can use this app as a voice messenger too – by recording and sending your voice message inside the app. The app also provides you with an intuitive user interface perfect for business or personal use. Other features of the Dual Voice Dictaphone Recorder iPhone app include – one touch recording, detect skip and stop during recording, unlimited record time, pause and continue during playback or recording, view details of recording and audio level indicator. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)



PocketDictate could easily beat both the Dual Voice Dictaphone Recorder and the iDictaphone apps for the simple reason that it offers the same features and functionality – for free. To make it easy to use, the app imitates the old style dictation recorders. It also allows you to playback, rewind, insert or overwrite as required using the keys on the front. Other features of this app include – optional voice activated recording, automatic compression of audio files, sending of compressed recordings in wav or dictation formats, and support for Dictation Management software such as Express Delegate Dictation File Manager. (Price: Free) (Download link)

Dictamus – Dictate and Send


Possibly the best iPhone dictaphone app, Dictamus is not only a digital voice recorder app but it also transforms your iPhone into a professional dictation device that sets new standards in iPhone dictaphone apps.Sporting an extremely fast reaction, simple navigation, voice activated recording and overwriting and inserting of recording at any points, Dictamus is a straight forward digital recording device that gets the job done pretty well. The app also offers a comprehensive workflow for recording, management and sharing of your dictations. It allows you to send your dictations via e-mail or download them to your computer. Now, here’s something that other iPhone dictaphone don’t have – Dictamus supports MobileMe or Dropbox. This means that you can upload your dictations into those two cloud sharing services and share them with your friends and contacts easily and access them easily anytime you want. Other features of Dictamus include – rewind/overwrite/insert, lightning fast recording controls, voice activation, automatic security, intuitive interface, and more sharing options through box.net, webDAV, FTP, Dropbox or MobileMe. (Price: $9.99) (Download link)

The Best iPhone Dictaphone App

So which is the best iPhone Dictaphone app from our list? Easily, Dictamus which comes with a hefty price of $9.99 is the best among the four iPhone apps we reviewed. If you don’t mind spending that much for a digital recorder app, Dictamus is your best choice. But if you don’t want to spend for such an app, then we’ve given you three other alternatives and PocketDictate is a free app. Take your pick.