Get started with iMessage for OS X

Apple is gaining attention of people day by day. As the OS X is available as to check the preview of operating system which is going to be released in this summer. So apple has decided to take cat out of the bag.

But, for making the Mac and iOS faithful a taste of whatÂ’s to come, a new version is made available as a preview from today. The beta version of messages is very special. Includes Message for OS X, which means without any problems you can send and receive I messages from your Mac, I phone, IPod etc. The Beta version may be defined as the version that will be surely updated in future surely.

To get started, download the OS X messages beta from Apple. Now install this application on your system. To have this application work, you must have OS X 10.7.3. Now the I Cat is replaced by the Imessages. For this effect to be undertaken, restart the system once. After signing, you have to enter the email address from your Mac, I pad, I phone etc. By using same e-mail id, the Imessages may be synchronised on your device.

On adding multiple Ids by you, it provides with the option to set up the caller ID on the screen. It is also visible at the bottom left of screen from which user the messages are sent. Another option of “Send Read Receipts” is available. On checking this option, you can get the receipts of Imessages sent by your system. After entering an e-mail, setting caller id and setting read receipt, click on continue.

A blank screen will be displayed which will enable you to start chatting as always persons do. Whatever kind of imessage account you are using this is the place where all messages will be displayed. For writing a new message at any place, click on the new message icon.

At the time you write a name, an address or an e-mail address, you can see the type of account after information of recipient. Direction of message can be checked with the help of blue coloured symbol.

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