Fixing AirPort problems in OS X

Whenever you update your system or you modify the earlier configurations and OS sometimes some problems occur with the wireless internet Wi – fi. Sometimes it works partially and in some cases it stops working completely. The Wi-Fi connection may get turn off automatically or it may just immediately turn off. Sometimes it may stay on and there may be no proper connection configuration from the router and may give a self –assigned IP address.

In case of such problems there are few things which come in the mind of people and they try to fix the errors through them. People try to run the general maintenance routines but let us get clear that these are not going to benefit any more. These things will clean all the system catches files and also resets the SMC and the PRAM but these do not affect the internet through the Wi-Fi. So letÂ’s talk about the solution for the problem. In such case we must follow the basic troubleshooting processes which are present in the windows network options. Such problems are also solved by alternative login and even through log- scenarios also.

In general cases the router have no issue for being reconfigured but one may check it once again so that there are no chances of error. In the case of Mac the router also goes through the changes of the configuration. In such cases the Router self establishes the connection with the other devices. So you should check the router also for removing any chance of error from that side. The firmware of some router gets updated automatically in that case sometimes the connections between the devices may become less stable. Other common things like power cable outage or any type of bug inside the firmware also results in bad network connections. To rectify these problems you can reset the router and again check the configurations and go for the available updates of the firmware.

You can also install other copy of the OS X to external hard drive and then boot off of it. You should prefer to use some different version of the OS which is already installed in the router. After completing this task if the wi- if connections get error free, then you can come to know that there was the problemwith the OS system. The Windows firewall may also result in malfunctioning of the Airports.

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