Elecom USB Battery Charger Powers Up Your Smartphone or Tablet While Mobile [External Battery from Elecom Powers Up Anything That Plugs into USB]

If you often find yourself running out of battery power while on the move, you might want to try alternative solutions to charging your tablet or smartphone. you can go for solar charging options, or you can choose simpler solutions like the Elecom external charger.

The Elecom mobile battery packs are targeted at iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S users, although the device will work with anything that can charge from a USB port. Coming in either 4,700 mAh or 3,000 mAh capacities, Elecom’s external battery packs will give enough juice to power up your device for a few hours’ use. the portable battery can also be used to charge your tablet or smartphone while not using it.

These are available in Japan for 8,400 Yen for the larger capacity (about $104.35) or 7,000 Yen for the smaller capacity battery (about $87). no word if and when Elecom will start selling the mobile chargers outside of Japan, but given the popularity of tablets and smartphones, we reckon these battery packs will make it to other markets sooner or later.

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