DazzleCube LTD. Launches Innovative Game for iOS

(PRWEB) July 03, 2013

The heart of the game app holds two key ingredients: the energetic, yet often lost, squirrel Dazzle and a unique “draw-and-play” game mechanic; a combination that taps into the player’s inner child. By helping Dazzle get home, players are provided with the opportunity to enjoy the style of an arcade game combined with the challenge of a puzzle game. Comic Book Hero provides players with a way to make the most out of the mobile device’s touch interface. Whether it’s solving visual puzzles, drawing trajectories on screen or pushing Dazzle up in the air with a bat, this app gives players maximum enjoyment.

“We wanted to take a leap of faith in the mobile gaming industry and create something that was going to take full advantage of the advanced capabilities provided by iOS mobile devices,” said the game’s developer. “Using the touchscreen capabilities of a mobile device is something that is tricky to achieve and not all games are suited for mobile platforms (you must have played a game where your finger are constantly in the way of the action!). We also wanted to provide a game that can unleash the users own creativity rather than following single game path: after all, who doesn’t enjoy drawing lines on a smartphone or tablet. That’s where we hope we’ve succeeded in breaking apart from others in the world of mobile gaming.”

The game’s features include, alongside the draw-and-play mechanism, 60 challenging levels of increasing difficulty, and three draw-your-pinball unlockable bonus levels. After solving a level, Comic Book Hero then gives players the opportunity to share their drawing/solution with friends on Facebook.

Players will also be able to try the first twenty levels for free, and then unlock all the available proceeding levels with an integrated in-app purchasing system. In that way players will not lose their progress.

Currently “Comic Book Hero” is universally compatible with all iOS devices. It is optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above and iPod Touch 4th Generation and above. Developers anticipate the release of a version for Android in the near future. The game has officially launched and is available for download in the app store, click here to download.

About DazzleCube LTD.

DazzleCube LTD. Is an independent developer responsible for the innovative design behind “Comic Book Hero.” The developer is based in both London, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark, and “Comic Book Hero” is the company’s premiere release. The game is available on the Apple App Store for download. For more information about the game, or DazzleCube LTD, contact paolo(at)dazzlecube(dot)com or visit their website at dazzlecube A video highlight gameplay can also be viewed at youtube>