Buying Guide: Best FM transmitter for iPhone & iPod: 5 on test

There are several in-car solutions for listening to your iPod while we drive, though by distant a many available is a common FM transmitter.

These accessible small inclination block into a wharf connector of your iPhone or iPod and emanate their possess mini radio station, transmitting whatever’s personification on your iPod app on an FM radio magnitude that your automobile radio can afterwards balance to, usually as it does with normal radio stations.

This way, we get a available resolution to in-car audio that doesn’t need wires trailing all over your car, or need a new stereo system.

These FM transmitters can send your song over a operation of about 10 metres, that is some-more than adequate for in-car use. the usually thing we need to make certain of is that we find an dull rope on a spectrum, as differently you’ll strife with broadcasts from blurb radio stations. this can be a pain when travelling prolonged distances and relocating in and out of a operation of opposite internal radio stations.

FM transmitters come in all shapes and sizes during opposite cost points and with opposite features. Some have charging cables and even their possess apps to assistance we name a transparent frequency, while others are so elementary they usually have 3 buttons.

to assistance we select a ideal FM transmitter, we’ve been on a highway with 5 opposite inclination from 5 opposite manufacturers, and put them all by a wringer.

1. Belkin TuneBase FM LIVE – £30

2. Griffin iTrip Auto – £32

3. KitSound MY FM – £16

4. Logic 3 FM Transmitter Charger – £24

5. Monster iCarPlay Wireless 300 – £25

Test one: Features

The simple things we wish from an in-car FM conductor are a ability to autoscan for a giveaway frequency, a ability to manually change magnitude though too most fuss, a ability to assign your iPhone, and a ability to supplement preset stations so we can save time. not all a inclination here have all these simple functions, while some surpass them by a prolonged way.

Starting during a bottom finish of a pricing scale, there’s a KitSound MY FM, that has usually an autoscan symbol and and and reduction buttons, though no preset ability. in contrast, a Monster iCarPlay Wireless 300 has 3 preset stations, though no ability to autoscan for a transparent frequency, that creates it frustrating to use.

Both a Monster and a KitSound can charge, though don’t come with cigarette lighter adapters for removing power. the Monster does come with a USB lead, usually zero to block it into.

The Monster iCarPlay Wireless 300 is also quite bad during changing frequency. in fact, it feels unequivocally primitive to use compared to a other models.

The Logic 3 conductor is engaging since it includes an in-car charger, though lacks autoscan and is concordant usually with iPods. That’s excellent for people with an iPod touch, nano or classic, though if you’ve got an iPhone you’ll hear a nasty credentials sound on a radio. If you’re an iPhone owner, make certain a conductor we go for is unequivocally concordant with iPhones as good as iPods to equivocate this.

Next adult is a Griffin iTrip Auto, that is unequivocally drizzling in features. the in-line controller has a small arrangement and a menu symbol so we can cycle by opposite settings screens, such as preset stations and autoscan, and if that’s not adequate there’s also a dedicated app we can download on your phone to do a autoscan and tweak sound options. there are also lane controls on a in-line clicker and arrangement unit.

Finally a Belkin TuneBase FM is a usually conductor here that comes with a stand. It plugs into your cigarette lighter, and a stretchable arm positions your iPhone or iPod accurately as you’d like it. the Belkin also has a possess app, though distinct a Griffin we have a few simple iPod lane controls within a app as well, so we don’t have to disaster about switching apps to change magnitude and control your music.

Like a Griffin, there are also earthy buttons to control things like autoscan and presets, so we don’t need to use a app if you’d rather usually hang with determining a section directly.

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Test two: Ease of use

Having a available mount unequivocally does make a outrageous disproportion to how easy these inclination are to use, generally when you’re driving.

The Griffin takes second place interjection to carrying lane controls and a possess iPhone app, while a Monster comes final since of a out-of-date arrangement and frustrating control system. the KitSound lacks features, though it’s flattering easy to use, as is a Logic 3 device.

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