Best Speck iPad 2 Cases

There is no doubt that Speck, one of the leading manufacturers of Apple accessories, did well with their innovative cases for the original iPad. Speck recently released their all-new line up of case for the iPad 2. The company waited longer than most iPad accessory manufacturers to unveil their iPad 2 cases, but it seems like it was well worth the wait. After just a couple of days of being available to consumers, Speck iPad 2 cases are almost out of stock. take a look at the different cases that Speck designed specifically for the iPad 2.

Don’t Compete with Apple – Compliment Them

It seems that Speck hit the nail on the head with their Speck SmartShell case for iPad 2. It’s hard to compete with a giant company like Apple, so Speck designed to design a case that compliments and can be used in conjunction with Apple’s revolutionary Smart Cover. Apple’s Smart Cover only protects the screen of the iPad 2, leaving the vulnerable backside of the case exposed. Speck created a solution to this problem by designing a hard-shell case that works with the Smart Cover. This SmartShell case for iPad 2 even makes the Smart Cover have a better and sturdier fit.

Speck’s FitFolio for iPad 2

Any iPad or iPad 2 owner knows that folio-style cases are the most popular among all iPad users. With this in mind, Speck created a slim folio case that can also be fashioned into a stand with multiple viewing angles. This case is made out of a polyurethane material and has a matte look. The case is currently available in black and red.

PixelSkin HD Wrap

This iPad 2 case is designed with the other PixelSkin accessories in mind. one of the most important features that this case has is its “magic microsuction” technology. you may be wondering what that is and all it does is ensures that the cover remains tightly closed over the device’s screen until you make an effort to open it. a lot of folio-style iPad 2 cases have floppy front covers that don’t stay closed, which is likely to put your iPad’s screen in harm’s way.

These are just a few of Speck’s line up for iPad 2. They have also released two different types of screen protectors, which are rumored to be more effective than the ZAGG Invisibleshield screen protectors. Don’t wait to pick up your Speck iPad 2 case because they won’t be in stock for long.

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