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One of the greatest things about your iPhone 4 is the many, many things it can do. All of its features and benefits, the many different applications you can get for it. The list simply goes on and on when you think about how you can use your iPhone 4. It is a great looking device that offers you convenience, flexibility and the latest in cutting-edge technologies.

Your iPhone 4 is a great investment and one you want to protect so it will look great and last for years. So you have a bit of research to do in terms of finding the best way to protect your device.

Generally speaking, the best and most practical way to go is to get yourself a durable, sturdy case to provide the protection you need from all the potential damage like scratches, dents and ishock absorption in case of a fall.

With all the cases out there, you will have to decide if you want a hard shell case, or something with a softer feel to it. do you want a case that lets you access all the features of your iPhone 4 while in the case, or are you just looking for simple storage of your phone? There are battery charger cases, thin cases, thick cases. You name it and you can generally find it.

No matter what your preference is in terms of the look or feel of the case you want, the most important goal is protection of your device. It’s best to cover and protect as much of the phone as possible, including the back and particularly the touchscreen.

But who says that iPhone 4 cases have to be boring?

If you want the maximum protection, but want something really unique in design that you can customize for a personalized look you can call your own, then take a look at the Dotties case by Incipio.

What makes this case so special is that it comes with multi-colored silicone dots, which you can mix and match in any number of color combinations and/or arrangement of the dots. You can change the design once in a while or everyday.

The Dotties case still offers you supreme protection of your phone because it take a solid silicone core, which is the best material for providing shock absorbing protection, and it wraps firmly around your phone. Your phone gets excellent protection and you can give yourself a 100% original look and design.

The Dotties case is available in eight different core colors, plus you are offered a variety of options to mix and match. Whether you are feeling funky, bold, sophisticated or tame, let you phone case do the talking!

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