Apple iPad’s Solar Charger Causing a Stir For Green Advocates

Is Apple coming out with products that are solar powered? you bet they are. Apple has recently launched a successful breathtaking product called the iPad. It is the new future for tablet computers. Apple has recently taken caution on becoming more eco-friendly by reducing harmful chemicals in their products that are hazardous to the environment. So the question rises, how exactly is Apple becoming more greener? What are they doing that is protecting the environment, and causing green advocates to become more satisfied with their products?

Apple is going green, they have been criticized for not recycling enough, containing many harmful chemicals in their products, and not being environmental friendly at all. What many people don’t understand is that Apple is ahead of all our concerns regarding the environment, they have planned to become more greener and to protect our Earth from harmful toxic chemicals that are found in many products outside of Apple’s. in 2002 Apple has taken charge of becoming greener, and eco-friendly by removing toxic chemicals from their products, and increasing the use of recycling old products. they use material such as aircraft-grade aluminum and high-grade plastics that are in high demand from recyclers. they have increased recycling products by %10 since 2002, they have been projected to surpass Dell and JP by recycling past sold products. So why am I discussing how Apple has taken initiative on becoming more eco-friendly and greener? well the new Apple iPad are coming out with products that are going to be powered by solar technology.

Solar chargers for the iPad are starting to become a new trend. many Apple fanatics have turned out to be green advocates and enjoy the fact that Apple has become a green minded producing company. The Apple iPad have solar chargers that can last you over 10 hours between charges. If you travel allot, go camping, or enjoy using the Apple iPad outside your home than a solar charger would be ideal for you. no need to worry about carrying a charger wherever you go, just let the sun do most of the work by attaching a small sized solar charger to your iPad. The only downfall of the solar charger is the speed of the charge, it is not as fast as a wall socket but that should not be an issue at all. If a solar charger eliminates the hassle of carrying a charger, finding an outlet to plug into, and or the chance of leaving your charger at home or forgetting to take it with you.

Solar power systems are starting to become a new trend, many products are starting to implement the power of green technology. with more solar powered systems we will have a more efficient technology based system that brings promise to the future of our environment and health. keep in mind having a greener community creates a healthier body. Less pollution in the air, less toxic chemicals being used, creates less chances for our bodies to become ill.

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