5 Best Astronomy Applications For iPhone

iPhone is truly a wonderful platform. It’s so powerful that it has allowed mobile developers to come up with all kinds of useful applications for the device to enhance its functionality. Whether you are into online dating, social networking or making cheap calls from your phone, you can do it all thanks to the wealth of applications available on iTunes.

Thanks to the talented community of iPhone developers, you can now enjoy all kinds of science apps on your phone. And that includes my favorite topic, astronomy. there aren’t too many astronomy applications around but those that are available on the market are superb. if you are looking for an astronomy program for your mobile phone, you can’t go wrong with these:

  • StarMap: it is one of the best astronomy applications for iPhone. it can help you navigate the space and find new objects to observe fast. Hundreds of thousands of stars are available in its database.
  • GoSkyWatch Planetarium: GoSkyWatch Planetarium is wonderful application that helps you locate and identify planets in the sky. if you are into astronomy, you are going to have a lot of fun with the star finder and other features available with this app.
  • Distant Suns: Personal Universe: Distant Suns comes with thousands of stars and planets and helps you explore the sky right on your gadget.
  • Star Walk: Star Walk is a great educational tool for anyone interested in the field of astronomy. You can browse the stars, go through the galaxies, and even travel in time to watch events in the past.
  • APOD Viewer: a cool app that brings you breathtaking pictures from the galaxies and systems far, far away from our earth right on your phone.

Whether you are a beginner astronomer or an expert in this science, iTunes has something for you. no longer do you have buy an additional gadget to enjoy navigating the sky. Not when you have your phone.

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