WLBT.com – Jackson, MSJackson pre-teen creates iPhone app


A Jackson 7th grader is breaking new ground when it comes to computer programming.  He recently created an app for the Apple Store, that can now be downloaded for use.

Charley Hutchison's app became available this spring. He says it took him over six months to create, and he had it completed just before his 12th birthday.

“I've always been pretty interested in computers and how they work and when I was eight, I started doing some basic computer programming,” said Hutchison.

More recently, Charley Hutchison has been working on Objective C computer code, the stuff used to create apps for iPhones. In fact, he created one called FriendsForFlickr, which has been approved by Apple and is available for downloading.

“It's a Flickr app that lets you download your friends photos, you can see where they were taken on a map and you can also view some recent Flickr photos,” said Hutchison.

Charley was mostly self-taught when it comes to the code writing. And because he's just 12, he's now in an elite group of young app creators.

“I'm one of the youngest, not the youngest, but one of the youngest, there are not very many,” said Hutchison.

Charley had to transfer his app creation account to his dad after Apple officials found out he was well below the minimum age of 18.

When he's not creating apps, Charley's either hanging out with his boy scout troop, playing tennis or reading. And if he's got a book in his hands, there's a good chance it has something to do with computers.

“I definitely want to do more apps because I really liked making the apps. I've done a lot of different programming for different devices. Find writing for the iPhones, iPad, and iPad touch is one of the funnest. I really like the language,” said Hutchison.

He says he didn't get paid for his apps, but will make sure Apple charges for his next one so he will make money off it.

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