Will There Be a Real IPhone 5 Preview Soon?

Where can you Find an iPhone 5 Preview?

Apple is very secretive when it comes to new products and this is why we have not seen an iPhone 5 preview yet. We may never see a real preview, but there are some thoughts out there of what might be included in this new phone. If you are one of the many that absolutely love Apple products, then you will want to keep reading.

Below you are going to find a small iPhone 5 preview from the information out there. Some of this may just be speculation, but most of the information comes from good sources that usually provide very accurate information. Those wanting to know what the iPhone 5 may really feature can get an idea here.

Upgrading to the Next Technology with the iPhone 5 Preview

We have all been waiting to see what type of features the new phone from Apple with have and many are ready to hop right on board with this new phone. Here are some of the things we may see in the new iPhone 5.

There is a good chance the new iPhone will ditch the easily scratched glass back plate that the iPhone 4 has. Most likely it will go with a brushed metal back place, to help keep the scratching to a minimum. This will also keep the weight of the phone down a bit more.

Another rumor states that the phone may become much thinner. This same source says the bottom may be tapered and the square edges may be a thing of the past. This evidence shows that Apple may be leaning more towards an iPhone that is designed much more like the iPod touch.

There is a possibility that the iPhone 5 will no longer have any physical buttons. The iPhone 4 only has one, the home button, and chances are this will become an on screen button and it will be out of the way while the user views videos. The reason for this is to make the screen larger; however there is another rumor that discusses a 3.7 inch screen with a larger home button.

Since Apple will not give us a true iPhone 5 preview we are only going off speculation and guessing from what may or may not have been leaked. Take all this with a grain of salt, but don’t be surprised if some of this iPhone 5 preview is true.

The most solid of the information we have gathered includes an upgraded camera to 8.0 megapixels, a faster dual-core processor, and the potential of more memory. There are also rumors of connecting the entire iPhone network to the iCloud freeing up space on the actual device to make it faster and make it work better for the user.

Chances are the upgrades will allow for more realistic game playing, the ability to keep more web pages open at once, and also the ability to switch from one app to another faster and easier. This means your phone will do more for you without any issue and you will be able to do more with this new phone.

The big hope is that Apple will not do the same thing they did with the iPhone 4 and put out a phone with a horrible antenna. They will have a certain improvement and some of the rumors talk about the antenna being where the logo is rumored to be right in the middle of the back. It is also rumored to have more than one antenna.

What the iPhone 5 Preview will Not Have

You won’t find an iPhone 5 preview taking about a removable batter, memory card slot, or the one feature many want, which is the ability to use Adobe Flash. Apple simply won’t do this for whatever reason and even when customers complain and state they want these things Apple won’t make it happen.

We do know that Apple filed for a patent on something called “Smart Bezel”. Whether this is for the iPhone 5 or not it is going to be involved with some Apple product. This is rumored to be areas outside the screen that light up and are touch sensitive. They could be used as game controls or an indicator of some type.

Many rumors suggest NFC technology, but many experts close to Apple believe this is a few years away. This would give you the ability to interact by paying for things with a sensor in your phone. It is very widespread in other countries and Apple may decide to add it to the iPhone 5, but chances are they won’t.

The iPhone 5 is set to be announced potentially in the Fall, but once again this is something Apple will not talk about. There is a better chance of seeing it come out sometime around May of 2012. Either way you can rest assured it will be more advanced than the iPhone 4 and for now you can use this as your iPhone 5 preview.