Why the Motorola Droid X is better than the Apple iPhone 4

While the Apple iPhone 4 was launched as the belle of the ball that was going to be the undisputed best smartphone the world has ever seen, nobody informed Motorola of that as they pressed on with their preparations for the Droid X to find its way to the consuming public. The debate as to whether Apple technology or Android technology is king will be fought out for years, but there are valid reasons to believe that the Motorola Droid X can and quite possibly will be better than the iPhone 4. Apple fan boys that worship every nugget from the mouth of Steve Jobs as gospel will dismiss the possibility without investigation, but in a side by side comparison, the iPhone 4 is not by any means clearly superior as has been touted.

Going by the specs, there are some clear points that demonstrate the above cited claim. When you compare processing power there is really no difference. The names the components are tagged with are different but the performance is not. The Droid X has a larger screen and both are multitouch, but the iPhone display does look better. The retina display is superior, but for most people that are not using their phone to watch video or play games it won’t really matter.

Droid X has a better set of storage options hands down. The iPhone 4 maxes out at 32GB while the Droid X has 8GB of fixed storage and expands to 40GB with the use of a 32GB microSD card that comes included. No matter how you look at it, an additional 8GB of storage for the same price as the 16GB iPhone 4 model. As the 32GB iPhone 4 model is going to run a minimum of $299m there is absolutely no comparison.

The multimedia and camera functions come down to preference. The Droid X 8MP camera is simply better than the iPhone 4 5MP camera. The video recording feature is better, it is better in low light picture taking, and the dual LED flash is something the iPhone cannot compete with because they don’t have it. FaceTime is awesome, but it is only good with other Apple iPhone 4 owners so how often will it really be used? IMovie is the best video editor available, but again – how often are you going to use it?The odds are you would make use of the Droid X HDMI port far more often which again is something the iPhone 4 is without and the death blow in this comparison.

Looking at connectivity you need only utter one word – AT&T. AT&T is perhaps the worst mobile carrier in business and being chained to it in order to run an iPhone 4 that you did not jailbreak makes the