Why an iPad and a Mac mini are my computing future

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A strange realization dawned on me today: I have already made mental plans to eventually replace two Mac devices I already own with two totally different devices that I don’t yet own. Namely, I am planning to replace my MacBook Pro with an iPad and my iMac with a Mac mini.

Replacing the MacBook Pro will happen first, probably sometime later this summer depending on when the “CFO of Household Expenses” (aka my wife) gives me the green light. The MBP has some “issues” like constantly running fans (yes I’ve tried smcFanControl and resetting the System Management Controller), the DVD drive doesn’t work even after having been replaced, and a corner of the frame is bent from a laptop bag “strap incident” that I would rather not go into here. Once the iPad arrives, the MacBook Pro will live out the rest of its life as my home “desktop” computer, happily hooked to an external monitor and keyboard. For portable computing, the iPad will definitely fit the bill for 99% of what I ever need to do while mobile. (My wife has a black MacBook for those times when I need a portable Mac.)

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