When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly is a free iPhone app that is pretty adorable and definitely kid-friendly. The game begins with a little nursery rhyme about how Penelope the Pig always wanted to fly, but everyone told her she couldn’t. yet little Penelope refused to give up, and she built herself a pair of wings and now she spends her days happily flying over the hills, eating gumdrops and avoiding alligators. Cute stuff, but I can’t help but scratch my head at how complex this backstory is, given how simple the game is overall.

Through a pretty intuitive series of tap controls, Penelope simply rolls or fly over the hills endlessly until she’s eventually eaten by an alligator. these guys are pretty easy to avoid, so game play tends to go on for quite a while. there are no levels to speak of besides the slowly changing seasons, and the only payoff comes in the form of points you get from eating gumdrops. The only goal is to get a high score before Penelope turns into alligator food. While some players (especially children) might enjoy this simple, laid-back approach to gaming, others will quickly become bored with it.

The graphics are cute, and I have to laugh every time this little pig with strap-on wings approaches a gum drop with her crazy-hungry eyes and a wide-open mouth, but that will only keep my interest for so long. even if the game gave you three pigs instead of one per game, this might keep me playing more than a few times. It would be interesting to see this game developed with an additional arcade mode, with increasingly difficult levels and varying enemies and payoffs. The concept and game controls are appealing enough to compete with other game apps in this category.

I have recently discovered that is a good game to have on your iPhone for when you’re trying to keep other people’s children entertained at your otherwise toy-free home—especially little girls between 5-7. You’ll be an instant hit if you let them play it while the adults drink wine and discuss boring politics, and it keeps them away from messing with your fragile knick-knacks or cracking their heads open on your glass coffee table. just make sure their little hands are clean and they’re not droolers, and you’ve got a sure ticket to becoming their favorite parents’ friend’s home away from home. but again, if you’re planning on having adult time last past one bottle of wine, you might want to have Angry Birds on backup just in case.

Price: $0.99 (This was FREE for Monster Free Apps users. Save $$ and download it now!)

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