What’s The Difference Between The iPhone 3GS And The iPhone 4G?

There are two very good iPhones that you might consider buying. these are the 3GS and the new iPhone 4 sometimes referred to as the 4G. Both of these phones are great to consider getting for your primary cell phone. Find out what the differences are between these two phones so that you can decide which one works better for you.

The 4G is a block design. It’s not the same rounded shape that previous models have had. what is nice about this design although it’s more of a block is that it’s much thinner than previous models. The 3GS has the same standard look as the other devices in the past.

The newer phone has double the RAM. If you have an iPhone that is lagging with certain applications, getting the 4G will make a huge difference because of this extra RAM.

It also has almost double the processing power. this can make a difference as well with any game or application that is running a bit sluggish. something to consider in the long run is that certain applications might only work on the 4G taking advantage of this extra processing power.

The 3GS has 2 hours less talk time than the newest phone. If you need 7 hours of talk time during your day without a charge, you might has to pass on the 3GS.

Both have cameras. The differences is that the 3GS is 3 megapixels while the newest phone has a 5 megapixel camera as well as a flash to take better pictures.

The advantage of the 4G phone is that it has an application called FaceTime. this gives you video to video chat with other people who have this phone as well.

The huge difference you will notice is the resolution. The newest phone has double the resolution meaning that the pictures are just more crisp.

The problem with the 4G is that many of them are dropping calls because of an antennae issue. Calls are dropping which is not a good thing for users.

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