What’s in your bag, Thomas Houston?

Ernest Alexander Messenger

I usually bike to work, so it’s important to have an over-the-shoulder bag that’s also balanced and light enough for not throwing my balance off as I’m quickly weaving around all the pedestrians and tourists that are forever oblivious to oncoming cars and bikes. Plus, it’s nice to have something rugged that doesn’t look like superhero gear, and this Ernest Alexander works well both on weekdays and weekends.

MacBook Air

Big surprise, right? like many of my fellow Verge editors, my primary computer is also a MacBook Air, and while it sometimes lacks the video and photo editing power I’d like, it’s still the best computer I’ve ever owned. After lugging a 15-inch MacBook Pro for years, the Air is so much easier to toss in my bag while running around the city and pulling out at coffee shops, events, and while traveling. my back thanks me. Plus, the long battery life makes occasionally forgetting the power cord not the big deal it used to be when the old Pro maxed out after an hour of regular use.

iPhone 4S and Samsung Infuse 4G

I had an iPhone 3GS until just a few months ago, and recently the iPhone 4S took over as my main phone. It’s tough to beat the app selection, and things, Simplenote, Reeder, Instapaper, and iA Writer are essential for staying organized, writing, and making it easier to keep up with my insane, overstuffed Google Reader account. I also keep an Infuse 4G nearby; it’s way too big and generally feels cheap, but it does its job for testing out new Android apps.