What the Best Features of the iPhone 3GS Are

There is definitely much more to love as far as the iPhone 3GS is concerned. If you haven’t yet tried using this handset then it might be time that you learn a little more about the phone and its attractive features and why it has been selling like cookies and hotcakes.

First of all, multitasking is the biggest feature that has got everybody talking about the iPhone 3GS. Yes multitasking, which means that you can run an application at the background, and do something else in the foreground. You don’t even have to worry about unnecessary drainage of the battery. so now you can listen to the radio while playing a game on your iPhone!

If you love books, you are going to love this iPhone 3GS. Not only does it have an ebook reader in full color, but you can even shop for books anytime that you want to; also on top of all this, you can literally personalize the way you want to read the ebooks, increase or decrease brightness and also text size etc. Another great feature is the easy access to photographs that can be organized according to the order that you think is best. so you can view your photographs according to a particular event or even a particular place, and the best part is that they can also be viewed according to faces as well!

Besides all that of course there are also other features such as a camera of 3 megapixels with autofocus. You will also have Safari as the browser for your internet on the iPhone and Safari as you know is the best browser that you can use on your phone so this is a big advantage.

The iPhone 3GS therefore like every other iPhone has great features on offer that you might want to seriously consider.

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