What is the Difference Between the iPhone and the CECT 3G I9?

There’s been a lot of buzz about the CECT 3G. I’ve been getting a lot of emails about it.  some of the common questions are: “how does the i9 3G compare to the iPhone? Which is better? Why would I buy the clone 3G rather than the iPhone?”  I’ll answer these questions in the following article.  

Things that Both Phones Share: before I get to the differences, I want to first go over the similarities.  obviously, people who are considering either of these phones are likely attracted to the finger touch interface and the stream lined functioning that houses everything within one phone.  Both phones have the large, touch screen, the flow touch feature that allows you to scroll, edit, touch up, and flip through documents using only your fingers.  Both have Bluetooth, media players, digital cameras and web cam, and quick, easy web browsing as well as messaging, email, SMS, EMS, and MMS. 

The phones look very similar to one another.  The CECT version now has the rounded back that defines Apple’s 3G version. Now that I’ve discussed the similarities, onto the major differences.

Dual Sim, A Removable Battery, FM Radio, and Shake and Tilt: One of the biggest draws to the clone is that it has two sim slots.  this allows you to have two phone numbers or plans, including pre paid or pay as you go.  some people will use this feature to get them out of a monthly plan.  They’ll use one slot for a cheap talk plan and one slot for a cheap pre-paid data.  this way, they are only paying for what the use.

Some do use this to have two numbers. The most common configuration is having one number for business and one number for personal use.  I’ve actually had people tell me that they’ll give their kids or significant other one number, but this truly isn’t necessary because you can give each person their own ring tone so that you can identify them that way.  you can also assign a photo of the person with each call, so there’s no question as to who is calling you.

The clone also has the shake and tilt feature.  you can change or advance songs, video, wall papers, photos, the web, etc. by just shaking the phone.  you can tilt it at a 180 degree angle to take the picture to wide screen.

Another small advantage to the clone is that you can remove or change the battery yourself.  you don’t have to pay the manufacturer to do it for you. 

Applications and Icons: The icons on these phones are pretty similar.  In fact, one big selling point to the CECT 3G is that unlike previous clones, it has ten pages of icons – pretty much allowing you to have an icon for any feature that is available on the phone. Examples are you Tube, weather, maps, stocks, video, photos, etc.  on the down side, there’s no Apple apps store with the clone. 

Price: perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the price.  you can get a clone in the low $100 range, but more than that, you aren’t stuck with a very costly contract that’s going to drain you every month, whether you use all the minutes or Internet or not.  you can go with any network that uses GSM sim cards including pre paid. AT&T’s GoPhone and T Mobile To go work fine with this.  Depending on how much usage you need, it’s totally possible to get by with less than $20 per month, including Internet – which I think is very good considering all of the features.

What’s The bottom Line? Which is better?: Which phone is better for you truly depends on what you want in a phone. if you’re dead set on the iPhone and the app store is a big draw for you, you might want to just bite the bullet and spring for the real deal.  but, if you just want iPhone technology without the high price, the CECT 3G is a really sound alternative that countless people, myself included, are quite happy with.

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