What Is The Best iPhone Accessory for Business Professionals?

In your role as a business professional you require accessories and equipment to maximise your efficiency and productivity. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use your cell phone to keep your connected with the rest of the world. The Apple iPhone is ideal for this type of use as not only does it allow you to speak to your colleagues and contacts with crystal clear voice clarity, but it also allows you to pick up your e-mails, browse the web and send text messages quicker and easier than you would have ever thought possible. Plus after a long day in the office or on the road you can also use it to play your favorite music to help you relax and unwind.

Impressive as the iPhone is it just isn’t enough on it’s own to completely streamline your business life. many accessories have been developed for the iPhone to make it even better for the business professional. these accessories will help you to become more efficient and productive as they will tailor your iPhone to suit your individual business requirements. If you are constantly on the phone then it might be prudent to invest in a pair of headphones or a Bluetooth headset. this will eliminate the need to keep the phone hold to your ear which will free up your hands to work on your computer or make notes. If you do a lot of driving in your business life then having this type of accessory is absolutely essential.

One of the most unique professional business accessories for the Apple iPhone is the Blueant Supertooth II Speakerphone. using this accessory frees up your hands and ears from the iPhone and gives you excellent voice quality even though the sound is coming from a loudspeaker. Whether you at at home, in the car, in the office or relaxing with in a coffee shop this Bluetooth speakerphone gives you the freedom to help you get your work done. it also boosts a very impressive 15 hours of talk and and up to 800 hours of standby time so you can be sure it will keep on working for you.

A very cool feature of this speakerphone is that you can attach it to the sun visor in your car. this allows you to concentrate on your driving and still have a crystal clear voice conversation. it is particularly suitable for the car as unless usual Bluetooth headsets it keeps your ears free which means your hearing is not obstructed. this is especially important as it can be very easy to get distracted when attempting to hold a conversation with a Bluetooth device in your ear. it will also ensure that you are more aware of your driving environment.

Since this device eliminates the worry of becoming distracted you are able to drive safely. Another great thing about this accessory is that it is very portable indeed. Setting it up for use in the car will take less than five seconds. The device can be attached using a magnetic clip making it very easy to transfer it from car to car. you also don’t need to worry about not being heard by the person you are calling as it features a very impressive noise cancelling microphone. this means that you will be heard with great clarity which is especially important when taking part in conference calls.