What Is An iPad Spy App & Why Do People Use Them?

iPhone spy apps have  been available for almost 4 years now.  You can buy iPhone spy apps that will enable you to secretly track an iPhone, or go a step further and even enable you to listen to calls.  However, not many people are aware that you can now buy  the same type of “spy” software for an iPad.

Ipad spy software is real.  They are available online, and can give someone easy access to your iPad . What are iPad spy apps? What can they do? Why would someone want to buy  one? Continue reading to find out.

An iPad spy app is a small application that you install directly on an iPad using the iPad’s Safari web browswer  .  Once installed, it will secretly start to record various “events” that occur on an iPad.  These events are then secretly sent  to a remote account where you can access them via any internet connected device that has a web browser.

Here is a breakdown of what an iPad spy software  can do.

  • Secretly read emails  – This iPad spy app feature will enable you to read emails that are sent or received on an iPad.  This  iPad spy feature works  even if the emails are deleted as soon as they are read.
  • Secretly View Browser History  – With this iPad spy app feature, you’ll get to see all website addresses visited using the iPad’s browser .  This will work  even if the history is immediately deleted.
  • View Contacts  – This feature enables you to easily view  every contact on the iPad.

There are numerous reasons why someone would want to use an iPad spy app.  Here are the most common.

  • Catch Cheating Spouse :  If you are concerned that your spouse might be having an affair, an iPad spy app could help you catch your cheating spouse. With an iPad spy app, you’ll get  to secretly read emails sent on their iPad & find out what kind of websites they are visiting.  iPad spy apps are the pefect tool to catch a cheating spouse.
  • Monitor Your Children : Using iPad spy software , you will be able to see the various types of websites your children are frequently visiting  . This will ensure they are not visiting any pornographic or other prohibited sites.
  • Monitor Employee Issued iPads  : Installing an iPad spy app on company issued iPads, is a great way to maintain  quality control while your employees are communicating with customers. It’s become quite common for employers to install PC monitoring software on  company issued PCs. With iPad spy software , employers can now easily monitor  employee issued iPads, just as they would monitor their PCs.

Currently only ONE company sells iPad spy software.  The company is called MobiSteath (www.mobistealth.com).  Mobile Stealth’s iPad spy app retails for $145.97 and is available for immediate purchase and download .

Now that you know what an iPad spy software is, and what it can do, you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to get your hands on as well, or something you would rather stay  away from.


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