What Accessories to Buy for Your Apple Iphone 3g?

Apple’s iPhone 3G – obviously you’re buying the phone. not much to decide here, except how much storage you want and whether you want to a white or black one. always buy as much storage as you can afford, since the phone will last you longer and will hold more music, data, and programs like games.

iPhone 3G Case – after spending hundreds of dollars on your new phone, you don’t want to risk scratching it, or damaging it more seriously, by not protecting it. get a case to prevent scratches to the phone and absorb shocks from jostling and drops. more Cases:

* iPhone 3G Crystal Cases * iPhone 3G back Cover Cases * iPhone 3G Leather Cases * iPhone 3G Silicon Cases * iPhone 3G Socks

iPhone 3G Screen protector – The iPhone has been touted since before the release of the original model as having a strongly scratch-resistant screen. Unfortunately, that’s been proven not to be the case. The screen of the iPhone 3G also picks up smudges from the oil on fingers and faces very easily, making the screen constantly look kind of dirty. Protect the iPhone 3G’s very appealing screen with a thin, plastic overlay screen protector.

You don’t absolutely need these things when buying an iPhone 3G, but you may enjoy your phone more with them.

iPhone 3G Charger – The iPhone 3G comes with a Sync data cable and an USB wall charger adapter for recharging the battery. in most cases, you could need a car charger or a 3-in-1 Car & Wall Charger with Data Cable Kit while on the road or traveling.

iPhone 3G Stylus Pen – Stylus made from special materials designed specifically for touch screen phones, will let you type faster and with greater accuracy.

iPhone 3G Extended Warranty – The iPhone 3G comes with a 2-year phone support, 1-year hardware support warranty, but you’re probably going to have your phone a lot longer than that. Extending the warranty to a total of two years for all kinds of support – probably the life of an iPhone, or close to it (will you be able to resist upgrading before that?) – will cost you just US/month.

iPhone 3G App Store Programs – The key appeal of the iPhone 2.0 software that the iPhone 3G runs on is its support for the App Store, Apple’s repository of official third-party programs such as games, blogging tools, and productivity aides. While the iPhone itself is great, expanding its functionality with App Store programs will make it infinitely more fun. Most programs range from free to US.99. Learn more about the App Store

Check out these accessories if you plan some specific uses for your iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3g Cradle & Dock – While not a strict necessity, some people prefer to stand their iPhones up in one of these little plastic stands while syncing. The first-generation iPhone came with a dock, but Apple now sells them separately.

iPhone 3G Car Mount & Car Kit – You would probably want to use your iPhone while in oyur car or RV or boat, get a car mount to easily connect to your car stereo. You should definitely consider getting a car charger if the item does not come with one.

iPhone 3G Headsets/Headphones – Though the headphones that come with the iPhone 3G are perfectly serviceable – and include a way to use the phone – you may want a higher-quality means to listen to your music on the go. Headsets also serves as a Send/End button, for answering and ending of iPhone calls, and it even controls basic music playback.

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