Web Host Heart Internet Finds 50 Percent of Web Designers Forget Mobile User Experience

A screenshot of goMobi’s mobile website builder tool

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — about half of web designers do not consider mobile web browsers when designing a new website, according to a recent study conducted by UK web host Heart Internet (heartinternet.co.uk) and Design Shack (designshack.co.uk).

The survey finds out of 500 UK web designers, only 250 consider the mobile user when designing a website.

While this portion of designers is neglecting a huge market that continues to expand, some web hosting providers are monetizing on this gap by partnering with mobile site developers or creating their own proprietary mobile design service to offer customers directly or through reseller channels.

In June, Web.com launched its tool to enable small businesses to create basic mobile-optimized websites. This tool is meant for customers not looking to invest in a redesigned website, but instead provide mobile-visitors with basic information.

Also in June, web host HostPapa partnered with goMobi to offer its mobile website builder to customers.

“This year, mobile web access has risen to nearly 15 percent of all UK web traffic, which means the number of websites missing out on this prime traffic is also increasing. Products such as goMobi have moved to fill this gap, offering users point and click mobile web builder tools,” Heart Internet director Jonathan Brealey said in a statement. “with the increasing prevalence of these Do It Yourself tools, professional web designers may be missing out on a lucrative source of revenue.”

Other web hosting providers are looking to mobile apps to support the on-the-go experience of its customers. In one recent example, web hosting provider eUKhost released a mobile forum application for iPhone and Android users, with plans to eventually develop a BlackBerry app as well.

Without mobile-compatible sites, businesses with an ecommerce component are also missing out on sales. According to a study released last week by online research firm comScore (comscore.com) almost 10 percent of the UK’s mobile users visit online shops, most of which were accessed through a browser rather than an app.

“The volume of traffic accessing websites using mobile phones is only going to rise for the foreseeable future,” David Appleyard, owner of Design Shack said in a statement. “Web designers need to start adding mobile usability to their list of services quickly, and those who fail to adapt to these changes risk being left behind.”

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