Watch-Like Pulse-Rate Monitor Talks to Your iPhone

The MyTrek pulse monitor tracks your exercise with an iPhone app

Whenever I see anyone running with a heart-rate monitor, I can’t help but think of bondage . Sweaty and bare chested, these people run with a strap around their glistening torsos and look like nothing more than extras in a fetish movie. I guess there is a bigger number of people who exercise with their shirt mercifully covering their shame, but the kinky-looking ones are the ones I remember.

There will be no suggestions of S&M with Scosche’s MyTrek pulse monitor. The strap fits around your forearm and speaks wirelessly to your iPhone or iPod Touch via Bluetooth. It comes equipped with an accelerometer to help distinguish between your hammering pulse and your lolloping gait, and the rechargeable battery keeps it going for 5.5 hours — longer than you’ll ever need. The measuring is done by LEDs and photo sensors which track blood pressure fluctuations to determine your heart rate.

A companion app offers a live readout, and will also track your progress over time, with graphs, a workout calendar and even calories expended. now you can run for just long enough to burn off that extra donut, and not a meter further.

Finally, the armband has buttons to control your music.

The MyTrek is available now, for $130. I’d say that’s a small price to pay for running shirtless and not looking like a pervert.

MyTrek product page [Scosche. Thanks, mark!]

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