Vonage iPhone app lets you pay for calls via iTunes

Make international calls and pay for them through iTunes via Vonage's Time to Call App.

(Credit:Lance Whitney/CNET)

iOS device owners can now make international calls and pay for them through iTunes courtesy of a new app from Vonage.

Released yesterday, the free Time to Call app is geared toward people who need to make quick calls around the world. the app letsiPhone,iPad, andiPod Touch owners make voice over Internet Protocol calls of up to 15 minutes to any one of more than 190 different countries.

And instead of dealing with Vonage or another carrier for billing, users pay for their calls via their iTunes accounts. So the service is accessible to any Apple iOS device owner, including non-Vonage customers.

The cost? Calls to 100 countries run $1.99 or less, while calls to 90 additional countries are billed at anywhere from $2.99 to $9.99, all for up to 15 minutes. you can find out how much a specific call will cost by choosing the country you want to phone at Vonage’s Time to Call Web page.

Calls can be made over either Wi-Fi or 3G networks in the U.S. and Canada, while phoning a landline or mobile phone costs the same amount.

For a “limited time,” your first international call is free, and any unused minutes can be applied toward additional calls.

Time to Call is simple to set up and use. after initially choosing your home country, you then pick the country you wish to call. the app will tell you how much the call will cost. if the price meets your budget, click a button to pay for the call and then just dial the number. the app can tap into your existing contact list, keep a history of past calls, and display your billing balance.

“With the launch of Time to Call, Vonage has simplified the process of making affordable international calls for iPhone users around the globe,” Vonage CEO Marc Lefar said in a statement. “Not only does this service offer tremendous value for international callers dialing from their home countries, it also provides a great solution for international travelers who want to avoid the bill shock associated with international calls and roaming charges when they call back home.”

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