Uses For Linking Your iPhone and iPad Together

Ever since the iPad was announced there have been complaints that it is just a bigger iPhone. Now that it has been released, people are starting to realize that the iPad is much more. The best thing is that these devices share a lot of features in common. they both have access to the iTunes Store, the app Store, and many similar native programs. The biggest question for people with both devices is how to get the most out of both the iPad and iPhone at the same time. The hardware part is very simple. they can connect to each other via Bluetooth with no problems. The software is what really drives the versatility of these two devices. Let’s look at a couple cool things you can do by syncing them together.

#1 – Turning the iPad into a camera

The iPad does not have a camera built in, but the iPhone does. so how do you get pictures onto your iPad using your iPhone? Very easily. there are two apps that you will need to download through the app store, Camera a and Camera B. once the apps are installed on both devices, sync them up and just like that you can control the camera through your iPad. you can choose to save the photos on your iPad, iPhone, or both.

#2 – Using iPhone as a video game controller

There has been recent buzz lately about a video released online that shows the iPhone being used as a controller for an emulator running on the iPad. The concept is pretty simple. Think of any gaming system out today, they all have wireless controllers, this is the same idea. These emulators are all made by third-party developers, and not by the game manufacturer themselves. keep in mind that in order to legally play the game, you need to own the original copy. Emulators and Roms are readily out there, it just takes a little bit of searching on Google.

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