Unlockingtheiphone.net gives a custom-built, one click unlocking service to unlock your handset for all networks in less than 5 minutes. it works on all handset models 2G, 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4/4S right up to and including the current version iOS5.

A great quality of our unlock is being able to make FaceTime video calls over 3G, rather than being restricted to WiFi! Another UnlockingtheiPhone first.

Another one-of-a-kind, original feature of our service is the Personal WiFi Hotspot aka free tethering – use your iPhone 3G as a modem over Bluetooth or USB to connect your laptop to the internet anywhere you are! with our unlock, you get this ability very easily. In fact, the speed of the connection is incredible, particularly with 3G (7.2Mbps!).

Version 3.1.3 comes totally with MMS BUILT IN to the messaging app yet on the first generation iPhone, and not some 3rd party hack either, precisely the same MMS functionality as the iPhone 3G (this is unique to Unlockingtheiphone.net!), Search, Stereo Bluetooth, Send files via Bluetooth, iPod vibrate to shamble, Parental Controls, and more. See our feature on our news blog for more information.