Twisted Pair Adds Android Support to WAVE Mobile Communicator, iPhone to Follow Later… — SEATTLE, Oct. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —


SEATTLE, Oct. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Twisted Pair Solutions, inc., a recognized leader in critical communication applications for secure, real-time collaboration anywhere, on any device, today announced the availability of its WAVE® Mobile Communicator for Android. the WAVE Mobile Communicator augments and extends critical communications by enabling users of smartphones, tablets and other specialty devices to simply, securely and inexpensively communicate with individuals and teams on similar devices, or with mobile workers on two-way radio networks and users in an office environment.

Building on its experience with Mobile Communicators for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile/CE, Twisted Pair has added functionality to its Android application that takes full advantage of the operating system’s capabilities. New features include touch-screen technology, presence, history and mapping capabilities that significantly increase its value as a unified communications and collaboration tool for a fixed and mobile workforce.

“Law enforcement, the military, airlines, airports, utilities and other segments are actively looking at ways to optimize their extended operations by putting powerful, multi-function devices in the hands of their mobile workers,” said Tom Guthrie, president and CEO for Twisted Pair Solutions. “With the Android OS continuing to increase its market share, the number of possible use cases for the Mobile Communicator expands enormously, offering businesses new and exciting ways to instantly and securely communicate with their mobile workers.”

The WAVE Mobile Communicator combines the power and military-grade security and encryption of the award-winning WAVE critical communications platform with a breakthrough communications protocol that allows real-time communication across any WiFi or data network. Users of WAVE Mobile Communicators can now share voice communications with other individuals or groups of users in a true push-to-talk fashion without being tied to a particular piece of hardware or service provider. This secure, carrier and device agnostic approach radically redefines the role and value of push-to-talk for business and government users.

The Sainte-Anne Police Department, in rural Manitoba, Canada, has been using WAVE Mobile Communicators since 2010 and continues to benefit from the expanded communication network and technology choices that come with the solution.

“For us the real advantage of the WAVE Mobile Communicator is that it enables all officers to be reached at anytime, anywhere, unlike traditional radio networks that have a limited range,” said Chief Marc Robichaud. “Regardless of where any of us might be, we stay connected and are fully briefed on any incident well before we arrive on scene.”

WAVE is the industry’s only pure-software solution dedicated to providing ubiquitous voice communications. whereas other technologies require vendor-supplied and often proprietary servers and data network components, WAVE operates on off-the-shelf, industry standard hardware. WAVE’s software-only approach enables greater deployment flexibility, lowers acquisition costs and preserves prior investments in network, server and desktop infrastructure.

WAVE Mobile Communicator for Android is a key component of WAVE 5.3, the latest version of Twisted Pair’s award-winning critical communications platform. WAVE 5.3 also includes WAVE Communicator for Microsoft SharePoint, an application for integrating communication capabilities into Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010, and WAVE Web Communicator, a feature-rich web application that allows any office-based or mobile worker to monitor, transmit and receive audio from multiple communication systems using a browser-based application.  Twisted Pair will be adding Android support to its WAVE Connections cloud-based voice communications service. WAVE Connections is a free service and users can register for an account online at

WAVE Mobile Communicators are now available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile/CE smartphone, tablets and custom devices. iPhone 4 and 5 will be supported later in 2011.

About WAVE®

WAVE software empowers your mobile workforce with critical communication applications for secure, real-time collaboration anywhere on any device built upon a battle-tested communications interoperability platform that delivers voice, video, location, presence and other forms of data deployed as an enterprise product or cloud based service throughout commercial, public sector and defense organizations worldwide. Visit us at

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