Transfer Cell Phone Data to iPhone 4: Susteen’s Mobile Genie is the First Data Transfer Tool to Support iPhone 4

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IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Susteen, Inc. announced today that Mobile Genie, a leading cell phone data migration tool used by cellular stores to transfer information from one phone to the next at the wireless points of sale, now supports iPhone 4. Mobile Genie is the first tool of its kind to support the new generation of iPhones.

Customers purchasing the iPhone 4 can transfer their data from old phone to the iPhone at any Point of Sale using Mobile Genie, including Best Buy Mobile stores and 5,000 other independent dealers. Mobile Genie is an easy-to-use migration tool, which enables cellular stores to transfer customers’ data from the old to the newly purchased handset no matter the make, model and wireless carrier – hence overcoming customers’ reluctance to upgrade which translates in increased number of activations and new handset sales. Mobile Genie supports most content types in the phone such as contacts, calendar, tasks, music, ring tones, pictures, wallpapers, video, and SMS.

“iPhone 4 support before its market release proves our ability to deliver product enhancements to customers at the right time. We are working on adding iPhone 4 to DataPilot supported phone list before June 24, the official iPhone 4 release date, so that consumers can migrate the data at their own convenience using their personal computers,” said Hirouki Maruyama, President and CEO of Susteen, Inc.

DataPilot is the leading cell phone synchronization solution, which enables consumers to backup, sync and transfer mobile phone content with a computer. DataPilot and Mobile Genie currently support over 2,000 different handset models. For more information please visit or

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