Tough iPhone 3G Case For Construction Workers

I work hands on in the construction industry and related fields. I faced a predicament about a year ago when I gave into the iPhone hype. I knew that there was no way I could afford to replace my new little toy if I were to break it so I did a little research on the different types of cases that were available. I finally settled on an OtterBox Defender series case. It turned out to be a pretty good decision.

My work frequently takes me to construction sites, sea ports, marinas and other harsh working environments. this has been the cause of a lot of broken cell phones in the past for me. I am constantly dropping, crushing, and exposing my phone to wet environments. this almost prevented me from buying an iPhone in the first place but in the end I couldn’t resist.

I used the phone without a case for about a week before deciding on which one to get. during this time I was forced to use my phone with wet or sweaty hands on a number of occasions and found that the touchscreen did not like this. there were a few times when I couldn’t even answer a call. this had me very worried that I had purchased a phone that just wasn’t practical for use at work. I was pleased to find that the OtterBox case solved this problem immediately. no more missed calls due to waterlogged hands or sweat.

One incident in which this case really impressed me is when I was working on top of a building in new York. I dropped my phone one and a half stories onto metal grating. I was sure my phone was trashed but when I climbed down to pick it up it was completely unharmed and the case barely had a scratch on it. the thing had paid for itself right then and there I don’t think any other iPhone case would have been able to take that kind of licking without damaging the phone inside.

After about a year of relentless abuse the case did finally give. It developed some cracks and the silicone outer shell began to tear. this gave me a great opportunity to test out the lifetime warranty offered by the company. A quick email resulted in a brand new case arriving on my doorstep within a few days.