Top Ten Must-Have Apps for the iPad and iPad 2

4. Words With Friends HD – $2.99 – – A multi-player Scrabble-like game that can be played against friends or random opponents. I like this better than the original Scrabble. I find it runs better and looks better.

3. Stanza – FREE – – There are other eReaders that look better- but what pushes Stanza to the top, for me, is the ability to use to download any book you want. You simply upload the ebook file you want to, open Stanza and download the book. For me, this flexibility is key. PDFs look beautiful on the Stanza app. And, the price is right.

2. NetFlix – $8.99 Monthly – – The insanely popular Netflix has it’s own iPad app. Stream movies and TV shows directly to you iPad or iPad 2.

1. Facebook – Free – – While there isn’t an official iPad app for Facebook, you can’t argue with 500 million people. We can’t live without our perfect lives, perfect children and perfect jobs. At least on Facebook! The full version of works perfectly on the iPad.


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