Top free android apps for the myTouch 3G

Google’s Android operating system for smartphones is quickly becoming a rival to Apple’s iPhone. T-Mobile was the first service provider to adopt the OS with the G1, and now the new myTouch 3G phone promises to draw even more users to the Android OS. One of the best features of Android is that it is open source and provides an easy SDK (system development kit) for programmers. The Android Market allow one to download the latest Apps to extend the capabilities of the phone.

The standard software and features that come with the phone will allow you to accomplish most tasks. You have a full web browser, email, a camera, a video recorder, notepad and full QWERTY keyboard, GPS, and quick access to Google search and Google Maps. But sometimes you need software that is not included with the phone, and the G1 Market has tons of free software to meet most of your needs.


If you have never seen Qik before, it’s time you check it out. Qik allows you to broadcast live video directly from your G1 to the web. Go to qik and set up a free account, then download the Qik client and start broadcasting from your cell phone.

AK Notepad

This notepad application is far better than the standard that comes with the G1. AK Notepad has a reminder feature which allows you to set an alarm for a text file to remind you to update it. It also gives you the option of sending your text files through email, SMS, or other applications such as a Twitter client you may have installed. You can change the appearance through themes and adjust the text size. AK Notepad also lets you put a sticky shortcut to a text file on your home screen.


wpToGo is a free WordPress client that allows you to post, edit posts, and attach photos and videos from your phone.

AP Mobile

AP Mobile is a client that gives you the latest headlines from the AP and can be customized to also include local news sources.


Listen is a Google app that allows you to subscribe to podcasts and have them automatically downloaded to your phone.


This is by far my most favorite Twitter client for the G1. It has a nice user interface and gives you quick access to your profile, your favorites, mentions, and direct messages.

Voice Recorder

Seemingly a simple voice recorder, the option that sets this one apart is the ability to email your recorded voice memo immediately. Once you’re done recording, this app gives you the option to title and send the recording right away, or to save it for later.